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Chang Woen is leading recycling machine manufacturer & supplier in Taiwan. Our services including PET bottle recycling production line design and plant. Our PET bottle recycling machine are four segment including PET Bottle Recycling Machine A+ level, PET Bottle Recycling Machine A level, PET Bottle Recycling Machine B level, PET Bottle Recycling Machine C level.

Chang Woen has his own equipments manufacture and bottle washing sample line in Taiwan. Our engineers are qualified with Taiwan engineer's certification, also, with sophisticated technician and workers working for our clients. The manufacturer is equipped with advanced equipments such as plasma cutting machine, lathe, milling machine, drilling machine, bender, lapping machine, guillotine, planning machine, annealer etc above equipments are supplied a strong guarantee to our excellent productivity.For more details specification, special requirements & quotation, please kindly contact us.

The main difference is increase Basin Hot Water Washer, Planetary washing machine & manual sorting platform

Planetary Washing Machine PE. PP.ABS.PET Washing Machine PET Bottle PRE Washer
Project Experience Video
CHIINA Experience 07 /
2006 PET Bottle recycling
machine A
IRAN Experience 03 /
2009 PET Bottle
recycling machine A
PHILIPPINE Experience01 09
/ 2008 PET Bottle
recycling machine A+