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PHILIPPINE × TAIWAN Banana Film Recycling Plant


Philippines Southern Davao City

You can easily find delicious bananas in the supermarket, which is exported by the Philippines to more than 350,000 tons a year and has a market share of 45% in the Asian market. As the largest banana producer in the southern Philippines, it is also the largest single plastic film packaging material supplier. The customer has decided to set up its own recycling and granulation plant in order to respond to the recycling and reuse of LDPE film for wrapping his own products, the delicious bananas, and repeatedly use in the annual capacity up to 120,000 tons of bananas. The customer purchased CHANG WOEN Recycling washing line equipment earlier this year, and operate the washing line with the most simple and convenient operating conditions. This washing line deals with variety of different sizes, thickness, the number of layers of industrial waste film, and After-Used films which is mixed with high level contamination of soil and impurities in the film. Customer converts those dirty agriculture films into high-quality, stable, and uniform recycled pellets, and can be immediately put into the blown film machine production line for production. Recycling usage can be as high as 100%. 

Regarding with electricity consumption comparison, due to CHANG WOEN’s latest technology with a completed intelligent function design, coupled with high-precision  components for system integration, highly intelligent feed system and automated dewatering system with each other, the energy efficiency is 20%, or above way better than a traditional washing line.

The president of the Philippines' largest manufacturer of packaging film for agriculture usage, met CHANG WOEN in TaipeiPlas exhibition, together with CHANG WOEN discussed business opportunities for the first time by 2015, and customer flew to Taiwan to visit CHANG WOEN work shop, and see the machine dynamic demonstration, As well as visited several CHANG WOEN washing line in operation in different customers’ references. When customers see CHANG WOEN Recycling Washing Line for efficient and stable performance of HDPE and LDPE film waste, the customer has a strong confidence in CHANG WOEN's equipment and has decided to work with CHANG WOEN closely. The customer said to us: CHANG WOEN Recycling equipment benefits with Easy-To-Use operating characteristics, also has efficient and stable quality and performance, it  contribute to the customer's with very high (ROI) return on investment, which is our ideal machine we ever dreamed of.

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