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Algeria × TAIWAN Algeria First A.G. Film Recycling Plant


The biggest agriculture film producer in Algeria had recently acquired an advanced washing line from TAIWAN for waste Agriculture Film/Package. Recycling this soft, fluff, long stream and typically highly contaminated film is a difficult job in few reasons as below:

— More than 50% loss as soil and mud

— Laborious job

— Quick worn out on knifes, mesh screen, paddles and screen changer 

— Huge consumption of water

— High moisture after washing

But none of above really matters to this 30 years and well reputation customer in Algeria, because this technology coming from CHANG WOEN, TAIWAN, has total solution in every single detail. Besides, CHANG WOEN transfer all the know-how to customer based on 20 years experiences of film recycling and 43 lines sold for Agriculture Film recycling business around the world.
The A.G. film washing line is designed to work with very dirty agriculture film waste in addition to post-industrial waste. The friction washer in the process, helps to remove the soil and dirt from film flakes/fluff (processed first by the shredder and crusher). The recycled pellets can be used again in extrusion or injection processes, whether 100% (such as garbage bag, LDPE pipe production, LDPE agriculture film and etc) or as part of the mixture to reduce raw material cost. The pellets quality can also be improved by direct dosing of masterbatch and additives. Thanks to these experiences and know-how transfer, customer can successfully produce clean, good quality film scraps and expected throughput.
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