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Formosa Group Nan Ya Plastics adopted CHANG WOEN High Precise Crusher for Recycling


Nan Ya Plastics, a customer CHANG WOEN has been served for more than 20 years 

Nan Ya Plastics has more than 12,000 employees in Taiwan, is a large plastic manufacturer of plastic product ranged from general plastic product for daily appliance to electronic plastic products. Nan Ya Plastics recently purchased CHANG WOEN High Precision Crusher Recycling system equipment for its own wastage which has highly confidential level and not allow to be revealed. 

The company was founded in 1958, specializing in the general plastic products for daily appliance, and electronic plastic products, car industry, and fiber application products, such as the manufacturer has  ISO9001 international quality certification, and won the best export manufacturers in Taiwan and many other glorious achievements of high-quality manufacturers, but also one of the「Taiwan 50 excellent index」 constituent stocks in Taiwan's stock market. 
In addition to those products for general plastic application, Nan Ya Plastic also produce many products apply to high-tech industries, automotive industry. These high-grade plastic products are featuring with high added value, complex composition, therefore Nan Ya Plastic has very high level of confidentiality for its own wastage with very strict policy and management for its own wastage. The Recycling Equipment Nan Ya Plastics requires for needs to meet multi-tasks such as High Recovery Rate, Low Energy Consumption, Energy Saving, High Security, High precision and Environmental Care. 
Nan Ya Plastics hands together with CHANG WOEN’s  excellent precision recovery system equipment, with a view to mutual growth, continue to lead the market in leading position. 
Since adopted CHANG WOEN’s  High Precision Recovery System, customer found that the quality of the output is improved a lot as well as the efficiency raised dramatically. In the recycling process with CHANG WOEN’s  technology, wastage can be 100% recovered completely and re-use, and be able to maintain a very high level of quality.
This high-end model of High-Precision Anti-Static type 2.2M width Crusher is CHANG WOEN’s second largest master piece ever produced (the first largest model is 2.5M width). CHANG WOEN will continue to provide "Safety, High Quality" equipment to global customers and continue to work hard to achieve our customers' dreams.