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Nigeria Leading company adopted CHANG WOEN Squeezer for Recycling Activities

One of the largest leading company in recycling business which is located at the biggest commercial harbor in Nigeria had adopted second Squeezer machine for moisture removal from CHANG WOEN Taiwan within 1 year, and this Squeezer machine is going to help his recycling business with 800 ton/month capacity scale which is estimated to become the No. 1 recycler in Nigeria. The recycling machine this customer adopts is for general LDPE package material such as Drinks/Beverage LDPE film package, general commodity LDPE film package and wrapping film packages, and the Squeezer machine performs up to 450~500 kg/hr capability for these package material coming from domestic collection.  
The 15 years history recycler is well reputation in central Africa for its commitment to environmental protection and resource recycling. The proceed recycling business with a very sophistic technology of washing line and produce high quality of pellets at the output for the past 15 years. The frequency of repeated order of its customers is very high, and some customers have been doing businesses with him for 15 years long, all thanks to this customer produces excellent quality of recycled pellets and always stable to his commitment.。
This customer is also considering the CHANG WOEN Squeezer machine with low energy consumption and high efficiency meets Green Design ideas, coupled with advantages and characteristics such as easy operation and easy maintenance, and eventually won the customer's trust ultimately by end of August 2017. Evaluating both price wise and performance wise advantages, customer adopted 2 recycling machine with less than 1 year apart..
Says from the chairman that, in addition to the excellent dehydration performance on moisture removal to the recycling material, one of the the most satisfied and impressive advantages of this Squeezer machine is with the largest capacity which has no competitor at the moment and extremely easy maintenance. The components and parts of this machine is highly precise and well designed, so that operators can operate the machine easily, and enjoy the joy while operation. In addition, CHANG WOEN has PLC programmable system built-in, supplemented by ampere interlocks control technology, so that customers can connect with other computer from different machine to synchronize all the movement/operation. And even be able to give different levels of warning, speed, records, parameters and so on, it results to more flexibility and allows operators to make different judgments to adjust process speed and production quality, which greatly enhance the efficiency and the enlarge the level of protection of equipment life.
Since the customer has adopted the CHANG WOEN Squeezer machine, the customer has greatly improved their processing capacity, expanded the revenue with bigger throughput, and substantially reduced manufacturing cost, and more confident to purchase the second machine – Turbo Friction Washing Machine, with less than 12 months apart. The main function of the Turbo Friction Washing Machine, is to remove the contamination with patented designed friction movement, so that the film scraps becomes much cleaner. According to the production director of this customer company said, " Turbo Friction Washing Machine gets our LDPE film scraps much cleaner with immediate comparison, results in that output is faster. The two machines bought by the boss let us improve the quality and speed of our production lines.
We believe that CHANG WOEN Recycling Equipment will be well reputed in the Nigerian market in the future by well performances on capacity, capability, precise component and good after-sale services.