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Reasonable budget and friendly operation
Waste Tyre Recycling System with
best quality from Taiwan

Because of the many grades of the end product and the wide variety in the choice of machinery we are in a position to offer our services in the design, selection, supply, erection and commissioning of complete plants or single machines based on the specific regional and economic conditions.

In order to reduce the wear and increase the life time of knives, ChangWoen has designed a three-stage processing technology (pre shredding, granulating, fine grinding) with much economical solution which ultimately produces vary high-quality materials for recycling. Against of shredding entire tyre with steel get rid of steel bead in the beginning of process and that leads to a economical way to I increase the life of knives by 30% more rather than without De-Beading Machine.

Waste Tyre Recycling

What can we get in the output of rubber?
  • Crumb Rubber production from size 50mm~100mm
  • Rubber scrap from size 5mm~20mm
  • Rubber granules from size 1mm~3mm from size 40mesh~20mesh


Waste Tyre Recycling Line

Basic Information
Capability Input 2~3 Ton/hr
Output Size 5~6 Mesh; 20~30 mesh; 30~40 mesh
Output Content
Pure Rubber Crumb 61~65%
Steel Wire 20%
Fiber Nylon 11~14%
Impurities 4%