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Thailand - washed LDPE & HDPE film recycling


2 units of 500kg/hr Squeezer from CHANG WOEN was installed in Thailand for processing washed HDPE and LDPE film for moisture removal. 

The Thailand-based recycler is now able to reprocess washed film flakes into high quality pellets with better moisture removal. As every recyler knows the facts that you wouldn’t get good quality pellets from extruder if you had fed in high moisture films falkes in the first place. An extruder can take no longer than 5% moisture of film flakes even with pulverizing compactor on extruder. The CHANG WOEN recycling technology features an integration of a screw press that provides further drying, compressing, cutting, densifying mutifunctional movment into an one-step, easy operating recycling system.
The company was founded in 1982, specializing in the general plastic products for daily appliance, and honorably acquired  ISO9001 international quality certification, and won the best export manufacturers in Thailand and many other glorious achievements of high-quality manufacturers in Thailand.
The DE-350 Squeezer is designed to work with washed, post-consumer HDPE, LDPE and PP film waste in addition to post-industrial waste. The screw and barrel, which deliver compressing function during the compacting process, helps to further dry and remove the water moisture down to 2% from the washed film flakes (processed first by the washing lines). Customer compliments to this squeezer that “Both pellets quality and capacity of extruder can be improved and raised easily with this Squeezer.” says from the CEO of this company, Mr. Sittichai.